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Information: Blood Psi is a vampire comic published by Moonface Press and is written by Andy Winter and drawn by Keith Burns.

: Okay so here’s the deal with Blood Psi… it’s a Lesbian Vampire story! Now like me your first thought would be that this was wrote by some juvenile writer saying to himself “what’s cool?... oh shit yeah Vamps man… and oh, oh lets make her a Lezza… hot!” and you’d expect a low brow ‘sexipade’ into extreme violence and lesbian action.

Well not only would you be wrong but you’d be king of the wrongs! This comic is amazing. Andy Winter who wrote ‘Hero Killers’ has done a cracking job with the characters especially the lead who is handled in a mature and interesting manner and not the typical big breasted, character you’d expect or for that matter the typical type of Vampire you’d expect (Vamps having relations with Humans?!?!?!!). As a one shot story it works great but also can lead to a very interesting series. The artwork is classic black and white line work. Keith does a really good job with the interior art but it doesn’t blow me away.

Moonpress have a real hit on their hands with this one and for one I’d like to see more in this series.

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