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Information: The comic book is from Sweden and translated into English. Script by Kjell Emanuelsson, Artwork by Robert Sammelin and both doing the colouring. Availiable to buy from only.

: This is a primitive and brutal DIY comic book about the criminals Lucia Bruno, Marian Morrison and Oktan Say and in my humble opinion one of the best small press comics I’ve ever read. Everything is spot on with this comic be it the artwork, script, printing quality and even the size of print they’ve decided to go for. It really has a top draw feel about it. The script itself is about three members of a criminal crew set a good way into the future and feels like an after watershed Firefly (Joss Whedon’s greatest creation).

Emanuelsson constructs an excellent script that tells you all you need to know about the characters in the first two pages. The comic has some brilliant comedy scenes slotted into what basically is a violent comic. The art by Sammelin is 100% spot on by far the best I’ve seen in this market by some considerable distance and you can tell it was a labour of love.

I'd highly recommend this to any comic reader and it’s a damn shame that there sees to be no issue 2 on the books to be made.

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