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Information: “Styx” is a black and white self-print Horror Comics at 26 pages in length. It is created by Pete Worth and Steven McCumaskey. Written by Pete with artwork by Steven. It is published by Envision Comics.

: I would love to tell you what this comic is about but very little is giving away about the bigger story or in fact the story in the actually issue. This would be the part of the review where I would describe the story but in fact there is not much of a one. The main character needs to get back to “feed his kids” as he puts it. And that is basically the dialogue for the whole comic. Don’t get me wrong it suited the mood of the issue but I could not help feel that the writer should have stretched himself to fulfill a bigger monologue of some sort so the reader could feel more immersed in this universe.

The artwork is excellent. The inks on this are sharp and do the job brilliantly. The mood brought over by the artist puts you in the darkest bloodiest mindset that sets this issue up nicely.

As a single Issue 1 this comic simply does not work and I can’t see it being worth the money for what little is in there story wise. But as a preview issue, a taster of a bigger series then this works well enough. Personally I for one would like to see these two guys do a proper story driven issue based on this universe they have created and simply not use artwork to fill in the page count instead of moving the story forward.

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