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Information: Written and Illustrated by Comfort Love and Adam Withers. This full colour comic comes in at 36 pages.

: Almost Blown Away! That’s this comic is three words… oh you want more words? Fine. Uniques is something you rarely see in small press comics these days and that’s a full run on a comic series like the big boys do. Too often I’ve read a SP Comic and got really into it to find that they stopped after Issue 1. With Uniques they are running with this universe in a big way. The story itself concerns the old chestnut of superhero loses parents blah blah blah. Damn I thought, It seemed this may go down the typical route of hero/heroine loses parents and goes on revenge trip. Which is all fine and good but when I read Small Press I want to see something new and experimental. Luckily I was wrong in my assumption of this series. The twists and turns are brilliantly executed and ensures I will buying issues 2, 3, and 4 ASAP. One down side is that it’s a little wordy… by that I mean you can say what you need to say without going overboard on the dialogue but being a first issue there is a load of stuff you need to get across so this is to be expected.

Artwork on the whole is great and shows some tremendous talent although one of two panels do look a little rushed but you’re talking about maybe 3 panels at most so that’s nothing but it does take the shine of a well polished piece of work. Now at the start of this review I said Almost Blown Away and the reason for this one solitary page that shows two dick characters stopping a robbery.

For some reason the story turns into cliché rubbish and high level swearing then back to the main story. I’m sure there is a reason for thins but it spoiled it a bit for me. Other than that I highly recommend this comic to anyone.

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