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Information: “Issue 1" is written and lettered by Michael Burness. Artwork is by Steven Howard the comic is published by Unico Comics and is 24 pages in full colour.

: I've just finished reading 'The legend known as...'. First off, I must say the production values, i.e. pencilling, inking, and colouring are professional quality and easily on par with much of what I've seen from various works from Image and Darkhorse. I also found the plot quite intriguing and unique ( an old man in an agrarian community reminiscing about a hero's exploits and his own struggles in a post-flood dystopia) and I'd love to see where you go with it. In regards critiques, since this is kind of an introductory issue, I can't really think of anything off bat.

I'd have to read more of the storyline to get a feel of the story your trying to tell and where you're actually going with it, but like I said, so far I do like what I see so far.

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