Small Press Reviews:

Information: 'Stranghaven' is a small press black and white. It is written and drawn by Gary Millidge Spencer and each issue (up to 18 issues now) are £2.40 each.

: It’s best I find to describe this comic as Twin Peaks having a baby with Darling Buds of May and I’m probably I’m still nowhere near describing this amazing comic series.

The main character of this little universe is Alex Hunter, a man who gets lost and crashes upon the town of Strange Haven. While staying here until his car gets fixed, he meets the people of the village and he grows more and more attached to the place. You get the feeling that everyone he meets has his or her own strange story to tell. Take for example the cult or Adam the Alien.

The black and white art is amazing, the village, people and everything in-between seem to be drawn from photos and end up giving a photo-realistic appearance.

This comic sucks you in and I can’t wait for my order of the remaining comics in the series to see where the story and people end up. Top marks.

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