IPod Comics

The website www.clickwheel.net provides a service where they can take your comics and turn them into a format where you uploads to iPods or iTouchs. In this day and age and small press publisher knows the pinch of getting multiple copies of their comic printed up. This new service may provide you with an opportunity to sell electronic versions for of your comics with virtually no overhead costs.

The iPod format recommends files are 640 pixels wide x 480 pixels high if you're creating content just for iPods or if you're repurposing existing work. Keep an eye on your lettering though. Look at your finished frame and scale it to 50%. If you can still read the lettering on your monitor, it'll be okay for an iPod.

The Clickwheel system is automated and will set your files for download by numeric sequence so if they not uploaded in the right order they will not be downloaded in the right order. Take special care to note that if you have more than nine files, you must put a "0" in front of the single digit files. Once you have your files named properly, bundle them, as one ZIP file and then you are ready to upload to the site.

Also when you upload an iComic the Clickwheel site will automatically create a ‘CBZ’ version as well so users without compatible iPods can read your comic too. They it’s a simple case of sticking a link onto your site to the download and the public have full access to your comics for next to no money.

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