Bristol SPEXPO 2009

It may seem things have been a little quiet on the SPExpo scene for a couple of weeks but believe me, there has been an awful lot going on behind the scenes! I've attached our first press release for your enjoyment - please feel free to print it out and post it wherever you can (a larger version is available here). The next one will be in 2 weeks since as we go to press, another bundle of great guests and events have come our way and i'm just sorting the details out.

The website will be having an update/re-vamp over the next week so watch out for further details on there. Thank you to all the lovely people who have kindly offered their services for events and panels and after talks with the venue, we will now have room to hold panels and talks throughout the day! Any subject ideas for panels and discussions are very welcome and we're looking to have an American style debate team competition (i.e. a blazing good argument) so anyone who fancies a good row drop us a line for that (sobriety optional). For those requesting backing boards, details will be coming in the next week.

They'll also be revealing the weekends entertainment schedule and i'm sure there will be other stuff as well, this show has taken on a momentum all it's own!

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