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Information: “Uncle Tickle” is written by Ken L. Jones & Kevin L. Jones. Artwork by Jag Lall and Lettering by Tom Luth. This comic is published by Unico Publishing and is 20 pages in black and white.

: This is a back to basic horror comic harking back to the days when all the best serial killers stalked the American landscape. The story begins with two friends looking at a shitty old house and telling each other scare stories of who they think lives there. This begins the back story of child killer Uncle Tickle. The dialogue is sharp, snappy and runs along nicely. The Jones boys have done a nice turn in creating a nicely rounded story that is simple but very enjoyable. Jag Lall’s “scratchy” artwork sets up the feel and soul of the comic and draws you into that world.

Overall this is a good attempt from the lads and I’d be happy to read more.

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