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Information: Hero Killers is an Eagle Award winning comic book written by Andy Winter and illustrated by Declan Shalvey. It was published by Moonface Press. Hero Killers was voted Favourite British Black and White Comicbook of 2006 at the Eagle Awards at the 2007 Comic Expo in Bristol.

: You can’t swing your dick in the small press comics community without slapping your bell against a blog/website/magazine review raving about how amazing Hero Killers is. So I though why the hell not and buy a copy. No way I can be disappointed with this…regrettably I was. Now look I’m not going to sit here and slag it off cause this comic won an Eagle Award for gods sake and those guys look like they know what they are talking
about. But I can’t feel like being left cold to this title.

The character seem a little two dimensional (no pun intended) and cliché. Serious these guys we’ve seen before in many a film or comic but the stand out character for me is ‘Power Cord’. Yes this guy may look like the lead singer of Nickleback but he had a real presence on the page. Witty banter and an interesting power of being able to derive superpowers from different
types of music I was ready to read this guy up and BANG that sucker is dead.

The premise of Hero Killers is quite a good one. This evil lass decides to kill off the heroes but starts with the small fry first and making a few dollars while doing it. And God bless her she
gets away with the plan as well until a stray sniper bullet misses the intended target
and the brown stuff hits about five fans at once. I’m not going to ruin the end for
you but it was an excellent reveal. The artwork in this is a bit hit and miss with me
to be honest. The first couple of pages just look rushed and Page 5 for some reason
turns has the last panel on it’s side. But as you get in the art gets better. My favourite
page being Page 12 with the bug zap at the bottom. All in all the pacing and layout of the
art is brilliant and it flows really well.

So will there be an Issue 2 and more importantly would I read it… the answer is yes.

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