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Information: Written by Rob Dunlop, artwork by Peter Lumby and coloured by Eric Erbes. This started off as an online comic and now has grown into a number of published books. The series is published by Ablaze Media.

: For those new to the universe (the comic universe not the actual real life one) Tozzer is a 12 year old by who’s enrolled at a drama school in Hollywood. When a deranged film director and his psychopathic minions threaten the school, Tozzer and his mates must come to the rescue. This comic is aimed at the late teens audience with its adult humour and cutting film and sci-fi references.

The print quality on these books is awesomeand truly professional and kids it’s in true echnicolor to boot.The artwork in this isexcellent and does a very good job at portraying the world the little bastard lives in. There’s not really much more I can say about the art apart from when they include the many famous Hollywood types in this comic they get the characters 100% right in terms of giving them a true ripping the piss feel.

The writing is the strongest part of the whole thing in my opinion, it’s quick firing and witty as hell. How they get away without being sued is the biggest mystery. Especially in this volume where they is some blatant ripping of most of the Nerdboy library (Star Wars and Matrix to name a few) and if Michael Jackson’s lawyers ever read this the team best grab their passports and head for the Mexican border.

I’d highly recommend this series to anyone with a big bag of weed and a wicked sense of

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