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Information: ‘Sign Post on the Left’ is published by Story and Artwork is by Mitch Bryd and Barry Gregory doing the digital paint. This comic can be bought from

: A quirky little number this is in both respect of story and format. For some reason they’ve decided to lay the comic as landscape instead of portrait within the normal US sized comic. The title, intro and cover are all normal landscape. Why I hear you mumble? No freaking idea but my guess is that this was once an online comic as if the pages were drawn with more length than height if you get my meaning? Or maybe they thought it looked cool. After all it does look great but anyone watching you read this thinks you’re looking at some kind of comic book centrefold.

The artwork for Small Press is amazing and made all the better using Ka-Blam’s printers who for me are miles ahead from the competition. Mitch’s artwork is top notch stuff and reminds me very much of an Image title. By that I mean it looks uncomplicated at first glance but having a real look it’s very detailed and weighted.

The story is a belta! It’s basically about a bunch of people that live in a city which is populated by actual Dinosaurs running loose. The laid back trio in this issue get attacked by a T-Rex and decide enough is enough and leave town. It’s a strange concept but works really well. It’s a cracking little comic and a really good price as well.

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