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Information: Written by Various, artwork by Various. This is the first Anthology release by Unico Comics.

Review: Seen as the first proper release from UK Indie newboys Unico Comics comes the anthology UNICO COLLECTIONS. This good sized comic (48 Pages) has a selection of small one off comics that Unico states are a taste of future full comic series that may be come available at some point. It’s interesting to see which of these small “show comics” in the book may one day make it into a fully fledged comic series.

The annual itself is excellent quality with much of it being in colour which is unusual for most small press comics and being almost 50 pages is good value for money. As for the work itself it covers many genres from Superheroes to Corrupt Cops.

All in all there is a story or artstyle to suit anyone’s needs. I highly recommend it.

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