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Information: Written and Lettered by Anthony Garcia, and Artwork by Jim Jimenez. This B&W comic has a 24 page count. Their website is

: Most comics I’ve read can fall in two distinct styles of artwork (Eastern and Western). Now I’ve seen a series jump from one style to another but never before now have I seen both styles within the same panel! Don’t get me wrong the art in this is good, on some panels great but it’s a bit weird to see two characters (John & Ron) chatting. One who won’t look out of place in a Bunty annual and the other looking like a generic mad scientist out of Akira. But bar that the artwork is stylish and works well.

The story in the first issue is poor. Reading only issue 1 it’s hard to give an extensive overview of the story arch so maybe after this issue it gets better. But in this issue it’s very… well generic. There is nothing of real surprise here and you never feel a connection to the hero or his cause.

The characters throughout are bogged down in cheesy dialogue with the exception of Ron who I warmed to but only because he looks like Kris Kamara. And least said about evil lady who shoots workers through the stomach when she’s angry the better. Don’t get me wrong I like a bit of mindless violence but come on at least make it warranted on some level.

Regrettably this issue does not want me to part with my hard earned money for the other four issues they have made.

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