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Information: Accent UK Comics latest anthology is called ‘Westerns’. It’s a 200 page black and white with a wrap around cover by Kirk Manley. It’s edited by Dave West and Colin Mathieson. You can buy it for £7.00.

Review: In my humble opinion there is no such thing as a bad anthology. I love the concept of mini comics all wrapped up in a book, loads of different genres, loads of different writing and art styles... it’s impossible not to love at least one comic in it. It should be said that no one does Anthologies better than the gang from Accent.

As with their last comic ‘Robots’ this one looks professional and could easily sit alongside any of the big boys on the bookshelves of Waterstones and not look out of place. As with all graphic novels of this type there are some weaker sections but these are few and far between and the rest are all brilliant.

The stand out shorts for me are The Legend of “El Burro (Stephen Lowe and Marleen Lowe) which has an outstanding story and great artwork to match. The next is Boots (Morgan Pielli) which is a clever little comic all from the viewpoint of the cowboys boots. The third one that really caught my eye was Last Train to Jubilation (Gary Crutchley) which starts off as a normal cowboy story and then quickly turns into a quality bit of Sci-Fi with top notch artwork.

Once again Accent pulls off a top quality anthology and I can’t wait for their 2010 effort “Predators”.

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  1. Thanks for the comments John ... glad you're enjoying the anthologies ... as you say PREDATORS is next and already building up to be another great book ... Cheers. Dave W