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The Eagle Awards are back for 2009. The Nominations are for…

Favourite Newcomer Writer:

Favourite Newcomer Artist:

Favourite Artist:

Favourite Writer:

Favourite Writer/Artist:

Favourite Artist: Pencils:

Favourite Artist: Inks:

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork:

Favourite Colourist:

Favourite Letterer:

Favourite Editor:

Favourite Publisher:

Favourite American Colour Comicbook:

Favourite British Colour Comicbook:

Favourite American Black and White Comicbook:

Favourite British Black and White Comicbook:

Favourite New Comicbook:

Favourite Manga:

Favourite European Comicbook:

Favourite Single Story Published During 2008:

Favourite Continued Story Published During 2008:

Favourite Cover Published During 2008:

Favourite Original Graphic Novel Published During 2008:

Favourite Reprint Compilation:

Favourite Magazine about Comics:

Favourite Comics-Related Book:

Favourite Comics-Related Movie or TV Show:

Favourite Comics Related Website:

Favourite Web-Based Comic:

Roll of Honour:

You can make you choices known as their website here.

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